Corn Cob Animal Bedding Material

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We offer the highest quality and pesticide free Corn Cob animal bedding. It is practically dust-free, dried and very absorbent. It absorb more liquid by volume and holds up to 2.5 times its weight in water leads to directely befifit interms of reducing the cage changing frequency. It also reduces additional labor and material cost.


Features & Benefits of corn cob Animal bedding

  • Simply the best bedding material for exceptional absorbency.

  • Its sponge-like characteristics encapsulate ammonia and trap associated odors.

  • It enhances absorption and control ammonia.

  • It is 100 % Natural ,Environmentally friendly - Biodegradable

  • Non-toxic—causes no health or environmental hazards.

  • It is Dust-free, soft, clean, and comfortable to the animals.

  • Naturally Dired, Moisture content 6-7 %.

  • It wont stick or cling to cages or pens allowing for easy clean-up.

  • Because of its environmentally-friendly nature, the disposal is easily incinerate.


Certificate of Analysis :

Our bedding products are tested routinely for microbiological and chemical contaminant.We provide certificate of analysis for each batch of bedding material.


Size avialbe 2-4 mm and 5-8 mm
Packing 25 kg in doubble layer HDPE bag
Moisture content 6-7 %
Features It is Dust-free, soft, clean, and comfortable to the animals
Material Corn Cob
Use For animal Bedding